In order to add or remove services, you will need admin rights. If you do not have these, you will need to contact your company's admin to do this for you.

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard
  • Go to the Services & Tasks menu
  • Check if the service already exists via the search bar.
  • If the service is not there yet, then continue by clicking the "Add" button
  • Then enter the service name and description and click "save"


3 & 4


  • Once the service is in the system, go to the Service Groups menu.


  • Here you see a list of Groups this service could potentially belong to. In order to make the service available in a group, click edit via the context menu of the Service group

  • Then click the  "Add Service" button in the allowed services section. 
  • Select the service that you want to make available for this service group, and click add service.

The service is now presented in the allowed services list. You can add the service as default inclusion or exclusions by simply dragging and dropping it to the section you want it in.