Within the partners menu you will be able to look up all of the available partners within the Reedge platform. 

The admin has the options to:

- View the partner details

- Manage contactpersons for a partner

By clicking 'Open' in the context menu of a partner will open the Partner details screen.

Here you can view the partners details

In the Contactpersons tab, the admin can manage the contactpersons for a partner. Later on these contactpersons that are related to a file on behalf of a partner can be selected.


Look up existing contactpersons by entering a search query in the searchbar

Add a contactperson

By clicking the Add button the admin can add a new contact person.

A pop-up will appear where the following information of the contactperson should be entered:

- First name

- Last name

- Email address

- Phone number

- Role

- checkbox 'set as default' ;  check this box if this is the default contactperson for this partner. Only 1 contactperson can be set as default.

click save to store

Edit a contactperson

The details of a contactperson can be adjusted by clicking 'Edit' in the context menu of an individual contactperson.

A pop-up with the information will appear which can then be changed.

click save to store changes

click cancel to avoid changes and return.

Remove a contact person

A contactperson can be deleted via the context menu > remove