During the creation of a (customer) assignment Reedge loads up the most likele Transport type service group template based on the Door to door scope of services. However you can adjust these to your likings ofcourse.

Add a Service Group/Transport type

If your customer wants -for example- a sea and an airshipment you can easily add another template for a different transport type by clicking the Add service Group button and then selecting the transport type you want to add.

Remove a Service Group/Transport type

If a template was selected with an incorrect transport type, you can remove a service group (block representing a set of services at origin, freight or destination) by clicking the context menu in the block title and select remove Service group.

Adjust the scope

If you have been asked - for example- to only arrange the Destination services for a move you just remove the Origin and Freight blocks of services.

Add a serice

To add a service to a group of services, simply click Add Service at the bottom of the group you want to add a service to.

A pop-up will appear with all the possible services for that group. Select the service(s) you want to add and click save.

Remove a Service

Remove an individual service by selecting Remove service via the context menu of that service.