Reedge version 1.0.10 comes with a new concept called 'Contacts'.

Contacts can be found within any assignment and allows the user to:

1. Keep track of who is involved in the assignment

2. Communicate with these people from Reedge.

1. Keeping track of involved persons

We now know 4 different kinds of contact persons which can be found in the Contacts tab of your assignment


Internal contact are your colleagues. By adding them to your assignment your are able to send them messages and assign tasks to them for this specific assignment.

Booking agent:

The booking agent contact (can only be one) is your contact persons with the booking agent. By selecting a company + contactperson, you are able to sent quotes/invoices as well as messages to this contact person.


Customer contacts is your customer, but could also be a relative although there can only be 1 primary contact which has access to the customer portal. Any customer contact can be sent messages from Reedge, but needs to be marked as a billing party in order to be able to send quotes/invoices.

Service Provider:

During your service provider selection in your Services tab you also select your contactpersons within the company your have selected. Based on your choices the list of Service Provider contacts will be automatically updated.

2. Communication with contactpersons

Once a contactperson is added to your list you are able to mention them in messages you send from Reedge.

If they are marked as billing party (only possible for booking agent and customer contacts) you are also able to select them a the person you are sending your quote or invoice to within the finance screens.