To make a quote, go to the Finance section.

It is now possible to have a quote for a client ready the moment you create an assignment




  1. Volume estimation from assignment creation
  2. Own pricing for Packing per m
  3. Estimated cost based on volume & defined price
  4. Service markup that calculates automatically

Quotations overview screen

The first quotation is automatically drafted based on the services  selected.

Via the context menu on each quote you have 4 options:

  • Open; To Open the quote detail screen in "view" state
  • Edit; To "Edit" the information in the quote
  • Duplicate; To create a copy of the quote
  • Manage services; To edit the scope of the services

Select  "Add Quotation" to create a new quotation.

Quotation detail screen

Find an overview of the details on this page.

Editing your quotation

Go to the Actions menu and select Edit;

  • You are now able to:
  • Select the Quote currency
  • Enter the service provider, estimated costs, markup, VAT% and selling price (incl VAT) per line *
  • Exclude & Include services
  • Remove services 
  • Edit service description (and in case of the top "lumpsum" line, you can also edit the title)

* Pricing can be done on different levels. In Reedge we know pricing per:

  • Lumpsum (represents all underlying service groups & services)
  • Service Group (represents all underlying services)
  • Service (represents the individual service)
  • There is a "tree-structure" in place where the service group will overrule pricing on service level and lumpsum will overrule everything.

Once you finished editing your quote, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Preview/Download quote PDF

You are able to have a preview of how the Quote will look by either clicking Preview Online (will show online version of the quote) or Download PDF (will download actual document) in the Actions menu.

Upon choosing the option you want, Reedge will ask who the quote is for (which billing party) in order to determine the context of the quote (private customer or partner)

Sending of quote PDF

For sending the quotation you have 2 options in the Actions menu:

  • Mark as pending; use this when you have downloaded the PDF and are sending it manually
  • Send quotations; use this when you want Reedge to sent the quote for you directly

After sending the status of the quote will change to "pending"

Accept/Reject Quote

Once the status of the quote is "pending" you will get 2 new options in the Actions menu:

  • Mark as accepted; select this if your customer gave formal agreement on your offer, an order will automatically be created.
  • Reject Quotation; select this if your customer rejected the quotation, Reedge will then ask you if you want to make a new quote or close the file altogether.

If your customer has access to the Customer Portal, he will also be able to reject or accept quotations.