An admin can select a list of preferred suppliers from the Partner list, which will always appear on the top of the list when searching. This is a companywide setting.


Within the partners menu you will be able to look up all of the available partners within the Reedge platform. 

The admin has the options to:

- View the partner details

- Manage contact persons for a partner

- Mark a partner as a favorite

In the Contact persons tab, the admin can manage the company's point of contact. You will then be able to select these contact persons when working on behalf of the partner in question.

Search bar:

The search bar can also be used in order to find the contact persons of a partner.

Add a contact person:

Select the Add button to add a new contact person.

A pop-up will appear with the following information required:

- First name

- Last name

- Email address

- Phone number

- Role

- Checkbox 'set as default' ;  check this box if this is the default contact person for this partner. Only 1 contact person can be set as default.

Edit a contact person:

The details of a contact person can be adjusted by selecting 'Edit' in the context menu of an individual contact person.

A pop-up with the information will appear which can then be changed.

Select save to store changes

Click cancel to avoid changes and return.

Remove a contact person:

A contact person can be deleted via the context menu > remove