When creating an assignment, Reedge automatically select the Service Groups of the most adapted Transportation mode based on the route selected. However, this is still editable.

Add a Service Group/Transport type

If you are performing an intermodal move, click on "Add Service Group" to offer services from both transportation modes.

Remove a Service Group/Transport type

To remove a Service Group, open the context menu and select "Remove Service Group".

Adjust the scope

If you wish to only have the Destination services. You can remove the Service Group at the departure and freight.

Add a service

Select "Add Service" at the bottom of the group you want to add a service to.

A window will show the possible services for that group. Select the service(s) you want and press "Add Services".

Remove a Service

Open the context menu of the service in question and select "Remove Service"

You can also select multiple service to remove by pressing the red bin.

You will not be able to remove a service if this service was used to create an invoice in this order.