To avoid making mistakes, we recommend to open the Quote detail screen in View State.

Find the following details on top of the screen:

  • Back to Financesclicking this will bring you back to the Quotations overview
  • Reference number: The reference number for this specific Quotation
  • Created date: The date on which the Quotation was created. For the first quotation this will be the same date as the assignment creation date.
  • Notes: These are the notes that will be showing on the Quote form
  • Status: The status of the Quotation, a quote can have 4 different status:
    • In progress: Quote is created, but not sent.
    • Pending: Quote is sent to the customer
    • Accepted: Quote has been accepted by the customer
    • Rejected: Quote has been rejected by the customer    
  • Expiry date: Date on which the Quote will expire. This date will be automatically entered upon sending of the quote. The amount of days after which the quote expires can be configured by the Administrator.
  • Customer: Name of the customer
  • Quote Currency: Currency used for the quotation
  • Email address: Email address of the customer
  • Estimated volume: Volume of the shipment for the quotation.
  • Survey: Here you will find a summary of the Survey including a quick link to the survey report document

The middle part consists of the tables for doing your pricing.

  • Lumpsum line: This is the line at the very top of the table representing the pricing for the whole scope of services. If a cost and/or selling price is entered in this line, it will overrule everything underneath.
  • Service Group: This line represents the pricing for all the services in that service group. If a cost/sell price is entered here, it will overrule all cost/sell prices of the individual services underneath it.
  • Service: This line represents the pricing for this individual service.

At the bottom you will see the Excluded services for this quote, categorized by Service Group.

In the right-top corner of your screen you will notice the Actions menu, the actions menu will give you the following options:

  • Edit: go to the Quote details screen in Edit state.
  • Preview Online: Preview your Quote form without creating a file.
  • Download PDF: Download your Quote form as a PDF
  • Mark as pending: This action assumes you have downloaded the PDF and send the quotation manually. After confirmation the status of the quote will be changed to Pending
  • Send quotation: This action will make Reedge send the quote PDF to your customer directly and change the status to Pending

Once a quote has been send (status=Pending), the options in the Actions menu change, and you will have the following options:

- Download PDF: To download the Quote PDF.

- Accept Quotation: To change the status of the Quote to Accepted, an Order is automatically created.

- Reject Quotation: Will change the status of the Quote to Rejected. You can close the file completely or start a new quotation.