The documents screen has a clear structure.

Select "Add documents" to uploading your document.

  •    Select the related category for the document
  •     Drag & drop the document into the drag&drop area for uploading OR browse for the document.
  •     Once the document is uploaded enter a description for the document.
  •     Multiple document can be uploaded at once.

At the top find several filter to allow you to quickly find a document.

  • All documents (default): Show all documents uploaded.
  • My documents: Show all documents uploaded by the user.
  • Customer files: Show all documents uploaded from the customer portal
  • Archived documents: Show all documents that were archived
  • Search bar: To directly search a document with the information you already know.
  • Filter by module: To filter by a specific category

Each document has a context menu, with the following options:

  • Edit description: Enable to change the document's description.
  • Show/Hide for customer: To share documents with the client through the Customer portal. A document that is made available to the customer (shown) will have the Eye-icon. 
  • Download: To download documents.
  • Archive: To change the status of the document to Archived, the document will disappear from the list, but can be found in the Archived documents section.