The documents screen has a clear structure.

Select "Add documents" to upload your document.

  •    Select the related category for the document
  •     Drag & drop the document into the drag&drop area for uploading OR browse for the document.
  •     Once the document is uploaded enter a description for the document.
  •     Multiple documents can be uploaded at once.

  • All documents (default): these are the documents generated by Reedge, you can recognize them by the lock icon next to the folder name. You can't change the folder name but you can still upload documents to them and generate additional folders. 
  • My documents: Show all documents uploaded by the user, you will find the edit icon and the delete icon next to these.
  • Customer files: Show all documents uploaded from the customer portal
  • Search bar: To directly search a document with the information you already know.

Each folder you create has a context menu, with the following options:

  • Edit description: Enable to change the document's description. 
  • Download: To download documents.
  • Delete option.
  • Create an additional folder: you can create a folder inside another folder.
  • Descriptions: for each file/document uploaded you can add a description.
  • Copy to assignment: you can copy files to another folder by clicking the 3 dots next to it.
  • Eye icon: with this option you can choose to hide or show the file to the customer.