Reedge have a set of pre-defined services (system services). A company admin can add their own custom services.


All services can be found under ‘Services and to do’s’ in the company admin dashboard. System services are indicated with a padlock.

Ensuring you have all your services defined is the 1st step in setting up a custom assignment type.

Adding a custom service

Description                 Explanation

Name                                        Service name

Ledger number                  Upcoming functionality

Invoice description          Default info to be displayed on invoice

Instructions                 Instructions for the crew for this specific service

Plannable                    Show on scheduler

Multiple planning         Option to allow service to be planned multiple times

Calendar                     Display on company calendar

Unit of Measure                       Upcoming functionality



  • Custom services are not translatable.
  • Custom services can be removed by the company admin (CA)

Service groups

Reedge has 4 basic service groups areas

  • Origin
  • Freight
  • Destination
  • Additional


Like Services, there are system service groups (10) indicated with a padlock. These cannot be removed, however the CA can configure which services are allowed, included or excluded in each service group.


Create a custom service group

  1. Select ‘Add service group’
  2. Add the required info
  3. Press ‘Save’

Description                         Explanation

Name                          Service group name

Description                           Optional info

Ledger number                  Upcoming functionality

Service area                 Select one of the 4 areas



Edit a custom group

  1. Select the group
  2. Select the service area
  3. Add all allowed service
  4. Add all included services
  5. Add excluded services
  6. Press ‘Save’

Assignment templates


By default, there are a set of basic assignment templates, these can be set active or not. When set to active they will appear in the list of assignment types. 


The templates can be edited to include or exclude any of the defined service groups.


Create a custom assignment type

  1. Select 'Add'
  2. Name the new template (this name will be displayed on the assignment when chosen as assignment type i.e., Door to Door - Domestic)
  3. Select if you want to have it active
  4. Press ‘Save’
  5. Select the service groups associated with this assignment
  6. Optional > Select active or not
  7. Press ‘Save’

The assignment type will now be in the list of assignment types


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