Please ensure you update your company setting in order to manage proper invoicing as a result of improved functionality in the latest release

Defining these default settings will pre-populate them when the assignment is created. The settings can be changed in the assignment if required


  • Default service provider – can be set on:
    1. Assignment level
    2. Service area level
    3. Service/product level


  • Default markup % – can be set on:
    1. Service/product level


Markup % have an override function that works bottom up. I.e., markup on Service level will override the markup on Service Group and Assignment level.


  • Unit of measure for services/products
    1. Volume
    2. Distance
    3. Time (hourly rate)
    4. Flat fee


Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated


The base unit (e.g., volume, distance) cannot be changed in the assignment, however you can change from cbm to cuft in the assignment

Company VAT no.


Select Company settings from Admin dashboard


Add your VAT no

and Save changes


Text for Credit card payments


Custom text to accompany payment links for credit card payment on the invoice.

This is explanatory text only – payment links are added on the invoice screen


Under company settings – add your custom text

Save changes


Add banking details


It is now possible to have multiple bank accounts specified for payment.


Go to the Bank Details section in your admin dashboard

And click on Add +

  1. Add a Name
  2. Select as default if you have more than 1 account – most used option
  3. Enter all the relevant bank information



View if multiple accounts are available

Below find an overview of the new invoice structure